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Spring Fitness & Recreation – Jogging

Developing A Weekly Fitness Routine into Your Life! 

How many times do you exercise per week?  How strong is your motivation to get out there? 

Do you prioritize exercise into your life?  It really doesn’t take much to start and begin a new routine. Schedule a couple of walks in your planner each week and make them a priority! It will boost your mood, give you more energy and better sleep at night too! 


You don’t have to be a serious athlete to incorporate a good fitness routine into your life, in fact it’s quite simple.

Sometimes all it takes is getting outside for a brisk 

30 -minute walk or jog to rejuvenate yourself with some fresh air and sunshine, give your mind a break from work to re-energize yourself and recharge.  If you are experiencing fatigue or are tired at work, this is a great time to just get out and go for a brisk walk or jog, rather than pushing yourself and adrenals over the limit, or lying down.   Once you get out there, and get going, one usually finds it so relaxing and enjoyable it’s  easier to keep going much longer than you initially planned and you will come back feeling refreshed and able to return to your work with more clarity and energy. 

Jogging and power walking are some of the best ways to burn off stress, get in shape or keep fit.  Even just a 30 minute walk or jog once a week is better than nothing and a great start to developing a consistent fitness routine, plus you experience all the health benefits for your brain, mood, bones, heart and cardiovascular system.  You can add years to your life!

Start with a weekly plan of just 30 minutes, and stick with it.   Once you get going, you will find it easier to increase your time devoted to exercise and fitness, perhaps even daily with longer durations.

Do you have a dog you can walk or jog with? Other family members?  Exercise is really important for you and your pets too!  


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